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Ostomy pouch covers and straps adapted to
each ileostomy, urostomy, colostomy system


Live without limits

Discrete camouflage

Increases the comfort of movement of people with an emerging stoma in public space, without constant control of the state of "hiding the bag"

Wearing a cover increases the comfort and discretion of undressing and bathing in public places without causing unnecessary sensation

Uninhibited presence of ostomy patients among people

Significant reduction of the barrier of shame and exclusion from society in connection with the stoma surgery

Free access

Ergonomic shape that can be used with any system

Quick, simple and easy to put on and take off

Easy and discreet emptying of the pouch at the stoma, without removing the bag by using a zipper in the lower part

It is easy to control the degree of filling the bag and the condition of the stoma area

Available version of the cover with a closed flap for easy access to check the condition of the bag and stoma

Greater comfort

The material used to insulate the bag from the body provides comfort, protects against abrasions, chafing and sweating in the immediate vicinity of the stoma

During an active life, playing sports, sexual life, the use of the cover prevents the uncontrolled movement of the bag, stability, improvement of aesthetics, camouflages the very existence of the bag

It gives you the freedom to practice any sports, does not hinder your movements, does not disturb you

Return to normal activity as before the procedure

Return to normal types of pants (no need to wear high waisted to camouflage the bag)

Aesthetic appearance

Made of high-quality materials that allow washing at high temperatures

Unlimited possibilities when it comes to colors

One-size-fits-all shape and size for all age groups of ostomy patients

Discover the advantages of the SuperCover:

universal for one-piece and two-piece ostomy systems

quick and easy to put on

facilitates the operation of the stoma

guarantee of discretion, comfort and stability

high quality materials

a wide range of colours and patterns


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